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Goulburn Flight Training Centre - Flight Training Goulburn

Flight Training | Pilot Licence, Flight Instructor, Learn to Fly Goulburn | Canberra CBD

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Goulburn Flight Training Centre

Flight Training Goulburn, is NSW’s premier flight training facility. Operating for over a decade, we teach our students the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain anything from Recreational or commercial pilot licences to a host of other precision courses, training and endorsements.

We have had hundreds of students complete the requirements necessary to gain a commercial pilot’s licence through our courses. Give our team a call today on 02 9042 2020 to begin your journey to flying unassisted, and reach your goal of becoming a professionally qualified pilot.

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Flight Training - Goulburn | Canberra CBD

Flight Training Goulburn is New South Wales’ number one flight training centre, now in operation for over ten years. We have had students from across the state register for our recognised courses, and in turn helped them reach their goal of becoming a registered pilot. We also offer a range of other courses, including parachute operation, Night VFR and Flight Instructor Rating and learning to fly.

Their number one status is a result of the clear benefits you receive when you choosing Flight Training Goulburn. Not only are there no air services or airport charges but more importantly all the courses are designed to fit your personal requirements and budget, all are located in the one training centre containing an airfield offering both short and long term accommodation is available, and all are headed by experienced flight instructors meaning you'll save both time and money while receiving the best possible education.

You no longer have any excuses not to take to the air so make your dream a reality and get in contact with our friendly team today and take the first steps to flying the skies now.

Commercial Pilot Licence Goulburn, Multi Engine Pilot Training Canberra CBD, Flight Training Young Pilot Licence Wagga Wagga, Flight Instructor Wollongong, Learn to Fly Sydney CBD

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Pilot Licence - From Young to Wagga Wagga

Flight Training Goulburn can provide a range training sessions and courses to our clients, including –

  • Flight Training
  • Pilot Licence
  • Flight Instructor
  • Learn to Fly
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Multi-Engine Endorsement

Based in Goulburn, we currently have students from across the NSW region, including Canberra, Young, Sydney, Wagga Wagga and more.

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Flight Instructor - From Wollongong to Sydney CBD

Operated in Goulburn, with students across New South Wales, Flight Training Goulburn provides you with the training necessary to become a professional pilot, along with a host of other flight training courses. Don’t let your dreams of flying a plane unassisted go on any further, let us help you make them a reality now.

Parachute Training Goulburn, Commercial Pilot Licence Canberra CBD, Multi Engine Pilot Training Young Flight Training Wagga Wagga, Pilot Licence Wollongong, Flight Instructor Sydney CBD

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Tandem Skydive Canberra, Pilot Licence Wagga Wagga, Flight Instructor Wollongong, Learn to Fly Sydney CBD, Learn to Skydive Goulburn, Skydiving Young Skydiving Canberra, Commercial Pilot Licence Goulburn, Multi Engine Pilot Training Canberra CBD, Flight Training Young, Tandem Skydive Wollongong, Skydiving Sydney CBD

Adrenalin Skydive Goulburn - Across NSW and ACT

The Flight Training in Goulburn also offers the Adrenalin rush of tandem skydiving through Adrenalin Skydive Goulburn. Just like the flight centre, Adrenalin offers the best value while their wealth of experience makes them the safest tandem divers in Australia. Jumping from heights of 15 000 feet and reaching speeds of 200km/h you're sure to leave the exhilarating experience absolutely dumbfounded in amazement.

They also offer accelerated Freefall courses so that you can learn to skydive solo. These are held once a month and all degrees of jumping experience are welcome, from never jumped before to industry veteran

If you have the taste for Adrenalin or want to set up one of your friends for the shock of a life time then click here to visit Adrenalin Skydive Goulburn's website and book your adventure today .

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Let New South Wales’ best flight training facility, Flight Training Goulburn, help you gain the skills necessary to learn to fly. Call us today on 02 9042 2020 to find out more about our services and pricing. You can also send us a message via the enquiry form on our contact us page or send an email to info@gftc.com.au

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